Time and Distance

And now for something completely different: a post about what we won’t be doing here this week.

First: today is Vinyl Record Day, the 132nd anniversary of the invention of the phonograph. In 2007 and 2008, I coordinated a celebratory event with contributing blogs from everywhere. This year, my lone contribution to the day is at WNEW.com, although I expect some of the bloggers who participated in the Vinyl Record Day observance the last couple of years will have things to say today as well. (You can find links to those blogs via the 2008 blogswarm posts here and the 2007 posts here.)

Second: the 40th anniversary of Woodstock is this weekend. I won’t be writing about it here, because I haven’t got anything else to say about it. At WNEW.com, I wrote about it last year, and I revisited the various Woodstock anniversary concerts earlier this year. (The Research Garage is all over it, however.) I am interested in attempts to find one or more of the babies allegedly born during the festival, although I don’t believe anyone’s come forward yet.

We’ve been awash in 40th anniversaries lately—the Stonewall Riots, Chappaquiddick, the Apollo 11 landing, the Tate/LaBianca murders, the shooting of the Abbey Road cover photo. And after Woodstock, there are the anniversaries Hurricane Camille, the My Lai massacre, the Chicago Eight trial and the Days of Rage, the Miracle Mets, Altamont. . . . You could say that the hits just keep on comin’.

Here’s something tenuously related to thoughts about the passage of time: Steely Dan is out on tour again this summer, and they’ve unveiled a new arrangement of a classic track. I don’t think it’s particularly great, but it’s damn sure different, and I admire the band’s efforts to freshen up the stuff they’ve been playing since the 70s. (The Eagles ought to try it.)

I’ve removed the title from the mp3 tag so you’ll have to listen to it to find out what it is.

Steely Dan mystery track, live in Italy 2009 (bootleg)