If You Make Your Request, the DJ Will Do His Best

Instead of spending another post ruminating about October songs, I think I’ll just be a DJ and play five of ’em, on the radio this week in 1976, of course. This one was recorded live at a show on December 31, 1976:

(Check out a version of “Lido Shuffle” from the same show here.)

Someday I’m going to write a whole post about the Bay City Rollers, who scored four straight hit singles in 1976—“Saturday Night,” “Money Honey,” “Rock and Roll Love Letter,” and “I Only Want to Be With You”—all of which are pretty good as long as you remember who we’re talking about. “I Only Want to Be With You” is a particular favorite of mine, because it features an instrumental break in the middle that sounds like the 101 Strings on a caffeine high.

Recently somewhere—I thought it was in the comments here, but maybe it was on Facebook, or maybe I’ve hallucinated the whole thing—we were discussing little moments in songs that we particularly love. A moment that makes what’s left of my hair stand on end starts at the 2:33 mark of this video, where the medley of mid-70s disco hits ends and the record returns to the main theme.

And then there’s this, which is all kinds of awesome, although I can’t explain why. Is it Cliff’s shag, his medals, the long johns he appears to be wearing, the same damn video effect repeated for 3 1/2 minutes . . . or what?

Programming note on the following: The awesomeness does not truly begin until they bust out the rubber bands.

I think five’s enough for today . . . but tomorrow’s another day.