jb’s Podcast

Every other mediocre white guy in the world has a podcast, so why not me?

The podcast will feature stories about music, radio, and stuff that is neither music nor radio. Some of them are stories that were first told at this website. Others will be told on the podcast for the first time. If you are not interested in stories about music or radio, I recommend episodes 3, 9, 12, and 13.

I’ll post new episodes at my website and announce them on Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow me at my Soundcloud. New episodes will be available at Google PodcastsTuneIn and Stitcher, and can also be found at Apple Podcasts. Older episodes will eventually drop from those services, but will be archived here.

It costs me about $200 a year to produce and maintain this podcast and my website. If you’d like to kick in a few bucks to help defray those expenses, click here.

Episode 14 is about a radio person’s life at three different times of the day, the week, and the year: overnights, weekends, and holidays.

Episode 13 is about my five days in the hospital, some of the experiences I had there, and some of the people I met there.

Episode 12 is about October, mostly, and what it’s like to experience it, and to remember it.

Episode 11 is an interview with Steve Benton, who attended both the Sound Storm Festival and Iola People’s Fair, two major Wisconsin rock festivals held in 1970.

Episode 10 is a collection of stories from my radio career, about introducing rock stars from the stage and that time I nearly killed a co-worker, among other things.

Episode 9 is a walk around the farm I grew up on, and about spending a week at the county fair.

Episode 8 is more radio tales, including stories about the most surreal job interview I ever had, and the worst boss I ever had.

Episode 7 is exactly what its title implies.

Episode 6 is some amateur sociology inspired by a James Taylor concert, and about why we like the music we like.

Episode 5 is about my experiences as a self-taught radio news reporter.

Episode 4 is about the pre-1920 Pioneer Era of Recording, when the technology and styles of popular music were different enough to seem like they come from another planet.

Episode 3 is about my experience traveling the country teaching prep classes for students getting ready to take the ACT and SAT. Stuff happens out there, man.

Episode 2 is about a summer job I had during college as a nighttime DJ on a classic-rock station.

Episode 1 is about four famous Midwestern rock festivals held in 1969 and 1970: the Midwest Rock Fest, Sound Storm, Iola People’s Fair, and the Wadena Rock Fest.

If you find something on here you really like, please share it on your social media feeds or wherever. Comments are welcome as well.

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