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Back in the glory days of Top 40 radio, high-energy DJs would shout their call letters over the intro of some hot record and say, “where the hits just keep on comin’!” That’s where the title of this blog comes from. (It’s also the title of a 2001 book about Top 40 radio by Ben Fong-Torres, although I hadn’t heard of the book when I started this blog in 2004.)

So: The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ is mostly about our Top 40 past, and the ways in which it’s still with us today. I’ve spent much of my working life as a radio jock, but long before I ever sat down in front of a live microphone, I was obsessed by radio and the music I heard on it. So you’ll find some radio shop-talk here, but this blog is mostly about pop music as memoir, and how the way we heard music then—you and me—affects the way we hear it now. It’s also about discovering music we missed the first time around, because we were listening only to 40 songs on one radio station.

I don’t post mp3s much anymore. When I do, I adhere to the standard music blog conventions for this, which means that mp3s posted here are for sampling purposes only. I encourage you to buy stuff if you like it, and I provide buy links for that purpose. The mp3s are taken down after a period of time (usually a week or two). If the copyright holder of any posted track would like me to take it down sooner, all they need do is get in touch and I’ll be happy to do so. These conventions are adhered to by most of the music blogs I frequent, including blogs that get many, many more hits than I do.

If you have anything to add, use the comments function at any post, send me an e-mail, find me on Facebook, or hit me up on Twitter. And if you’d like to buy me a microbrew, I’d drink it. I live in the suburbs of Madison, Wisconsin.

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