The Ravens, the Angels, and Me

The last time I was in a hospital overnight, it was when I was born, and never since—not until the end of October. I was there five nights, four of them in the ICU. It sucked, and I don’t recommend it. But it was not an entirely negative experience, either.

I had a hard time figuring out how to share my experience with you. The piece I wrote about it (which I’d actually started composing in my head before I got home) ended up being too long for this website. It was even too long for my e-mail list, the Sidepiece. So I decided to make a podcast episode out of it. I know that not everyone who reads this website listens to my podcast (and I have the traffic numbers to prove it). Still, I hope that even if you are podcast-averse, you’ll give this episode a listen. There’s some funny stuff in it, and some stuff that’s deadly serious, too. You can stream it right here, or you can download it and listen to it at your convenience.

Other episodes of my podcast are available at my archive, and at my Soundcloud. Episodes are also available at Apple Podcasts, Google PodcastsTuneIn, and Stitcher. In my podcast archive and at my Soundcloud, there is a link you can use if you would like to kick in a couple of bucks to help defray the cost of producing the podcast and maintaining this website. You’re under no obligation. There’s evidence to suggest that all of this material is fairly priced by being free.

13 thoughts on “The Ravens, the Angels, and Me

  1. Scott Paton


    So glad to hear that you cheated the hangman here. This story does not encourage me to schedule my overdue colonoscopy!

    You truly have a Thanksgiving with extra resonance this year.

    All my best to you. Stay safe and healthy ’til that better world dawns.


  2. Can one worry retroactively? If so, I have done so since I heard you had been in the hospital, wondering what happened and hoping it was one episode, not a lasting thing. Your account is truly breathtaking and tender. Thanks.

  3. Enjoyed your podcast, although I’m sure you didn’t enjoy all of your experience in the hospital. I had an unpleasant experience with a catheter a year an a half ago. It was right after a Brewers game in Milwaukee and I had to go to the emergency room at a Brookfield hospital. A catheter was inserted and I had to keep the damn thing on for a couple of days. Just the slightest moment made the thing pull on my vital member, causing even more pain. When I finally had it removed, it was discover that it was put on too tight without enough “leeway.” A “kinder and gentler” nation was needed in that instance.

  4. Gary Omaha

    Jim, I’ve heard a lot of sermons and a large part of this podcast belongs with the best of them. Thanks for continuing to be such a good storyteller…even through experiences such as this one. And RAH RAH for the front line healthcare workers!

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