Random Radio Tales

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In every profession, people sit around and tell stories. Car salesmen have stories unique to them. Teachers have theirs. Computer programmers have theirs. Your field, whatever it is, has its stories. And I have mine.

And I suppose that every profession thinks its stories are more colorful than anyone else’s. Radio stories do have certain unique characteristics, though. The job involves more close encounters with celebrities than most other professions. Radio often attracts oddball characters whose personalities range from bent to twisted. Some of my friends and colleagues have partied with rock superstars, seen fellow jocks engage in hilarious or embarrassing behavior (or engaged in it themselves), and have in general had the kind of experiences that you tell about for years after they happen.

My best stories are pretty milquetoast compared to those some of my friends can tell. I did, however, meet some famous people, work with some weirdos, and see some shit. Some of my stories are in the latest episode of my podcast.

—That time a television legend came to my town
—The most surreal job interview I ever had
—The tale of an especially terrible boss
—Brief encounters with curious listeners

You can listen to the episode right here:



Episodes are also available at Google PlayTuneIn and Stitcher, and can also be found at Apple Podcasts, if you swing that way. I appreciate your comments on this episode and others. If you listen on a platform where you can give the episode (or my whole podcast) a like or a positive rating, I hope you will.

2 thoughts on “Random Radio Tales

  1. mikehagerty

    Another great podcast, JB!

    I’m amazed that Clayton Moore was making appearances as late as the 90s. Good for him! The legal dispute that stripped him of his rights to the Lone Ranger character happened in 1979…so he obviously had persistence and commitment on his side.

    Reason number….I’ve lost count….that beers are on me if we’re ever in the same town: We both use (and believe) the Clint Eastwood “Dirty Harry” quote that “A man’s gotta know his limitations”. That, and the stories we could tell.

    I can absolutely relate to the mention of wives on the air. I’d mention Rhonda fairly regularly—a couple of times a week—on KFBK. The funny part is that, while, decades ago, Rhonda was a regular listener of mine in her hometown of Ukiah, California, she now teaches SAT prep in the afternoons and could rarely listen to me. But her ex-husband spends his afternoons in his truck going around Sacramento—-and was one of my most consistent listeners.

    Only in radio.

  2. GaryOmaha

    Absolutely great podcast, Jim. I cracked up, I teared up, and I even did some vicarious daydreaming while listening to your WGN adventure.

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