I Got Swag

I see stuff on Twitter all the time, and I say stuff on Twitter all the time. What I didn’t do in the case of the transistor radio above was to go on eBay and see if I could find it. But my friend HERC did.

And then he sent it to me. “Keep your money,” he wrote. “But promise me you’ll enjoy the everloving crap out of this.”

I am gobsmacked by HERC’s generosity. This isn’t the first gift he’s sent me—a year or so ago he sent along a fascinating history of Tucson radio. And it’s not just HERC who’s been generous. Dr. Mark of My Favorite Decade sent me a swag box a year or two ago. And just the other day, Bean Baxter from KROQ in Los Angeles sent me a copy of Yacht Rock: The Oral History of the Soft, Smooth Sounds of the 70s and 80s by Greg Prato. I have been sitting on two complete editions of Humble Harve’s National Album Countdown that came to me from longtime reader Paul, and I hope to write about them eventually. Gary has repeatedly gifted me with mp3s from his collection of 45 edits. Miles has sent me a couple of fantastic airchecks. And others whose names I am neglecting to mention have been just as generous in other ways.

I have not expressed sufficient gratitude for these gifts, I don’t think, but I am blown away by them. I am not sure how best to pay them back, except maybe to pay them forward. This is a lightly trafficked corner of the Internet, but those who come around mean a great deal to me. It’s been my privilege to meet a few of you in the real world, and I hope to meet others, someday, someway.

And buy drinks. Many, many drinks.

Again, thank you HERC, Mark, Bean, Paul, Gary, Miles and all the others. Thank you all.

(One more thing: there will be a new post at One Day in Your Life today, and by the time you read this it might already be up.)

2 thoughts on “I Got Swag

  1. HERC is indeed a very generous fella and that radio is choice. Does it play?

    As far as drinks go, if you’re buyin’, I’m flyin’! But you gotta promise me you’re not gonna beer shame me for my current preference for Mexican lagers.

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