A New Road

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Here’s something you don’t know: the future of this blog has been in doubt the last few months.

I have been repeating myself for quite a while. Over the last year or two, it has become progressively harder to come up with new material. The feeling of shouting into the void has rarely been stronger than lately, and if you saw my traffic statistics, you’d understand why. I actually wrote a farewell post over a year ago, and I’ve had it scheduled since sometime last summer, thinking that the end of 2016 would be a good time to quit.

I’m not going to quit, though. I am pretty sure that if I did, it wouldn’t be long before I came crawling back because I found something I wanted to write about.

My compromise position is to stop listening to the nagging little voice that has always urged me to feed the content monster on Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays. I’ll post here when I’ve got something worthwhile to write about, and not because it’s a particular day. That means postings here will be less frequent in the future, unless and until the muse starts putting in overtime.

Also: I have decided to spin off One Day in Your Life into a separate blog, to be called—wait for it—One Day in Your Life. The first post at the new site is up right now. It’s not going to be as labor-intensive as this blog has been. It will consist mostly of rebooted One Day in Your Life posts from here, revised and updated as required. However: because One Day in Your Life is my single favorite thing to write, I plan to write new ones from time to time, which will appear only at that blog. Because I have a finite amount of stuff to reboot, the One Day in Your Life blog will have a limited lifespan, and will likely fizzle out sometime in 2018.

(As all of us might, if we’re fortunate enough to last that long here on Planet Trump.)

So that’s a map of the new road I’m taking in the new year. Traveling this old road has been a far more rewarding experience than I could have imagined when I started the journey on July 11, 2004. That’s entirely because of the readership, many of whom I know only through usernames and unique points of view, but some of whom I have gotten to know in the real world. I hope all of you will continue to patronize this blog, such as it is, and that you will visit the new one, such as it is.

6 thoughts on “A New Road

  1. Yah Shure

    Better check with your state to see if they’re itching to toll this new road of yours.

    I’ll renew my subscription for however many new issues come off the press.

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