“I took all 3 hits of the 4 way and i was trippin for 3 days”

I wrote for WNEW.com, the website of the relaunched version of New York City’s legendary classic-rock radio station, for four years, until CBS killed it in 2012. Through a kind of Internet alchemy I’m not going to take time to explain, a version of the site still exists in cyberspace, albeit under a different web address. Sometimes readers find their way to that site, and sometimes they leave comments on the posts. Alas, the only person who can see the new comments is me. (I have used a few of these invisible comments in rebooting some of the old WNEW posts at this blog.)

Last weekend, a guy calling himself Frenchy left an epic comment about his experiences at the Concert 10 Festival, which was held in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania in the summer of 1972. I cannot bear to keep his comment hidden in web purgatory, so I’m reposting it on the flip, exactly as it appeared, punctuation, spelling, and NSFW language intact. Stay with it to the end, because it’s fantastic.

well i was there too .. got there on friday nite early and there wasn’t any music on friday nite .. drugs were around but they weren’t free that i saw .. cheap enough but not free .. i think i paid a buck a hit for 4 way sunshine .. and it was kickass acid .. intense .. after the rain it started meltin in my pocket so i took all 3 hits of the 4 way and i was trippin for 3 days .. and the rain really made it a mess .. there weren’t any bathrooms that i saw .. just a shitload of people .. i never saw that many people in one place in my life .. edgar winter was probably the best act there which was a surprise cause before the festival i didn’t even know he had a band .. i’m not sure about the groundhogs amps catchin on fire but if they didn’t they should have cause they were the worst band i ever saw .. straight or stoned .. made no difference nothin could make them sound good .. cactus was good , and so was j giles .. bull angus was so so .. i don’t remember much about ramatam except they had a chick on lead guitar .. april lawton i think her name was .. i’m not even sure why i remember that .. mitch mitchel was on drums .. i don’t remember seein black sabath or badfinger but then i left before the end cause the guy that i rode in with left me there when some asshole in the crowd took out a gun and was shootin it in the air and he told the guy to put it away .. there were some words exchanged and then my buddy was gone .. so i had to hitchhike home from pennsy trippin my balls off and i didn’t even know which direction i had to go .. oh yeah i had to drag another buddy with me who was layin in the mud on downs .. i couldn’t just leave him there .. boy were we a sight .. i’m surprised that somebody actually stopped and gave us a ride .. all in all i’d say it was a memory .. but not somethin i’d ever wanna do again .. oh yeah did i mention that when i got home there was a note on the kitchen table from my wife .. come to the hospital cause i’m in labor .. she wanted to go to the concert too but she was due at the end of july .. the only sensible thing i did in this whole story was tell her no just in case she went into labor .. and sonofabitch .. she did .. so i dragged my ass to the hospital right away .. i hadn’t slept in 2 days .. more actually .. but we did them lamaze classes so i had to be there .. as her coach and all that .. you know what its like to have a half crazed wife screamin at you while you’re still trippin your balls off .. YOU DID THIS TO ME YOU FUCKEN ASSHOLE .. YOU HAVE THIS KID ..we were gonna do the natural thing so she said no drugs .. and the labor went on till 10:30 that night ..by 4 in the afternoon she was screamin gimme drugs .. they told her no they can’t now ..its too late and reminded her that she made the decision .. i don’t give a shit what i said before gimme the fucken drugs .. and i was still trippin ..still tryin to keep her calm while she was tryin to chew my arm off .. suffice it to say it coulda gone better ..but my son was born and he was healthy so it ended well ..

Thank you, Frenchy, wherever you are. That was awesome.

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