An Annotated Holiday Collection of People Defending “Same Old Lang Syne” From a Certain Internet Hack Who Thinks It Sucks

I have talked smack about Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne” at four different websites over the years—not just here but at the original incarnation of this blog at Blogspot, for, and at Popdose. And at each stop along the way, Fogelfans have risen up to defend their man and his song. Here’s some of what they said:



Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how its done, they’ve seen it done every day, but they’re unable to do it themselves. —Brendan Behan (1923 – 1964)

I am impressed by your erudition, but if you’re so smart, how come you like this song?

Wow, where does one begin with such a statement? People don’t talk [in real life like they do in “Same Old Lang Syne”]? Of course not! Thats what sets music and songs apart from everyday conversation!

Music and songs: sometimes worse than regular people talking.

Hopefully your website matures musically beyond this person’s limited ear.

Hasn’t happened yet.

Try to appreciate things.

Mom, is that you?

As an English teacher, I had the frustrating task of teaching a play written by Shakespeare to highschool Freshman. . . . When they asked the inevitable question, “Why do we have to read this crap written by a dude who died 400 years ago?”‘ I would respond with the absolute fact: “He is the greatest writer in the English language.” . . . Reading all the Dan bashing reminds me of those students. . . . There is no possible way to force a love of Shakespeare on those who “just don’t get it”. There is no possible way to convince anyone who believes Dan is “wimpy” or writes “slush”. Wimpy voice? Have you listened to “Road Beneath My Wheels”? He can write and sing the Blues with the best blues artists. His voice is gravily and hard. Do you know that on an album he would play piano, electric guitar, does his own backup vocals, pipe organ, slide guitar, works the synthesizer, and harpsachord and much more. Your total lack of understanding the genious of Dan Fogelberg is in the same realm as 15 year olds’ ruiminating over “The Planet of Crap” Shakespeare dwells in. One last thought, I wouldn’t have taken the time to write this if it hadn’t pissed me off to the extent it did. Dan is not a Shakespeare. But you hate him because you fail to understand his genious.

Perhaps I can’t.  But one thing I have going for me is that I can spell and punctuate better than a guy who teaches English.

i sooo totally agree, they must be krazy! this is one of the best ever, perfect for this time of yr and always look forward to hearing this. many can relate. bittersweet for sure (: too critical!

I’m a jerk with a blog. I can never be TOO critical.

Sorry, Mr. Bartlett, but you sound very dry and archaic. I suggest you take a crash course in Literature to smoothen your rough edges. This is not a police report on an incident. It is poetry at its best, with the finesse of a great musician adding even more grace to it. The use of linguistic tools like the metaphor and hyperbole is what distinguishes poetry from a clinical report, just as the creative inclusion of musical sub-themes and innuendo distinguishes the great musician from the amateur. I strongly suggest that you get yourself better informed on a subject before you post such preposterous junk online.

I am pretty sure many of those words don’t mean what you think they mean. All except “preposterous junk.”

Dan Fogelberg will be remembered for his eloquence.  J.A. Bartlett, if remembered at all, will be known for his emptiness.

And his ability to hit the post on the radio. But apart from that, yeah, mostly just the emptiness.

This song is a very beautiful song on so many levels, and to call it the worst song is a travesty! Maybe your taste in different genres of music needs to be enlarged!

Not really. Adult-contemporary horseshit is one of my specialty genres.

Bartlett clearly suffers froms severe depression, and he probably doesn’t even know it.

Believe me, I know it. But I’m too depressed to care.

Hey Mr Bartlett, did something really bad happened to you while that song was playing? Can you to us what you consider as the best song ever written? With that we gauge your musical taste and of course depth.

It’s either “Sugar Sugar” or “Get Your Tongue Out of My Mouth Cuz I’m Kissing You Goodbye.” How do you like me now?

I agree with the others. The Dan Fogelberg song Same Old Lang Syne is a classic song of wonderment. This song was masterfuly written by a talent unmatched by none.

OK, I give up. The talent it took to write “Same Old Lang Syne” really is unmatched by none.

Merry Christmas, Fogelfans. Now go away.

9 thoughts on “An Annotated Holiday Collection of People Defending “Same Old Lang Syne” From a Certain Internet Hack Who Thinks It Sucks

  1. “He can write and sing the Blues with the best blues artists.”

  2. Gene Kauffman

    “And his ability to hit the post on the radio. But apart from that, yeah, mostly just the emptiness.” Haha that is priceless. People sure like to Bitch about nonsense. Great post.

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  3. I’ve never been a big Fogleberg fan but I always liked him. This song used to move me, it told a nice story, but the main problem with it now is overplay. I’ve heard it way too much. Have you ever heard his bluegrass album, High Country Snows? Outstanding!

  4. Steve E.

    I guess here is where I sheepishly admit that I LIKE the song. Actually, it reminds me of a retelling of Harry Chapin’s “Taxi,” which I also like. But then I also must belatedly admit here that I like the Carpenters’ “Top of the World,” which you frowned on in a recent post. True, it’s not one of my top five or so favorites by the duo, but I certainly enjoy it.

  5. It’s definitely an overly schmaltzy (but well-crafted) song. Doesn’t do anything for me (and luckily, I mostly manage to avoid it so it never annoys me as much as I’m positive it would if I heard it more), but I’ve learned that not everyone shares my tastes. I mean TWO AND A HALF MEN has been on TV for ten years — even though I’ve yet to meet anyone who watches it (let alone likes it).

  6. I’m with Charlie. I liked the record at one time but heard it too many times. Or maybe I long ago got over the woman the song reminded of. Or maybe I hear the clichés now that I never noticed before. I don’t detest it, but I don’t love it anymore, either, so by attrition, you’ve got a convert. Regarding “Taxi,” on the other hand . . .

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