Games With Phrases

I notice that two posts I wrote in 2010 about the Iola People’s Fair, a 1970 Wisconsin rock festival that turned into a riot, have scored an unusual number of hits in the past week or so. It wasn’t the anniversary of the festival; nevertheless, by some alchemy, there was a spike in interest on that particular topic. WordPress provides a function that lets me see what people are searching for, but I can’t tell from that precisely why Iola is suddenly so interesting. I do, however, find some marvelous search-engine phrases that have brought people to this blog over the summer. Here are a few of them:

“Life in 1976.” You have come to the right place, Grasshopper.

“What was celebrated July 4 1976.” But you gotta meet me at least part of the way.

“Five man electrical band jimmy loves mary anne.” Sorry, wrong band, but thanks for playing our game. (Ditto won’t go home without you phil collins,” unless the searcher is actually telling Phil Collins he won’t go home with him.)

“Mono mixes of hit songs.” A lost member of the family is heard from.

“Dynamite 1970s compilation albums the night chicago died and seasons in the sun.” You mean this one?

“Were the allman brothers racist.” They were not.

“How much does Keith Carlock get paid to play with Steely Dan.” This could conceivably be a search by one of Keith Carlock’s former girlfriends, but I doubt it.

“Starland vocal band where are they now.” In the pantheon of this blog, for one place.

“Girls put your bell bottoms on and song.” As it happens, I know exactly what this person is looking for.

“Wet sucker” and “angular banjos.” These too.

“Partridge family songs with doo wop.” Got one.

“Things you never hear anymore.” If this set of search terms yields anything, does it cease to exist?

“Teen kaci needs to get her college grades up and mr. clark says he’ll do anything to help her pass his class. but when kaci brings mom mrs. robinson.” “Dear Penthouse, you’ll never believe what happened to me one day when one of my students brought her mother to my classroom after school. . . .”

“Are there words for i was kaiser bill’s batman.” Isn’t the whistling enough?

“Daytons mr. shirley.” No idea.

“Why do people hate the Eagles” “why I hate the Eagles,” “why are the Eagles hated,” “hating the Eagles,” “hate the Eagles,” “Eagles band hating,” “Eagles most hated group,” “Eagles most hated band,” “why do people hate the Eagles band,” “why do young people hate the Eagles,” “why do some people hate the Eagles,” “why critics hate the Eagles,” and “I hate the Eagles.” Bonus phrases: “why did the Eagles hate each other,” “Don Henley underage girl,” “Don Henley is a jerk,” “is Don Henley a jerk,” “Don Henley and Glenn Frey are assholes,” and, of course, “I hate Don Henley.”

We get it, really.

One thought on “Games With Phrases

  1. Yah Shure

    >>“Daytons mr. shirley.” No idea.<<

    For decades, Mr. Shirley was the character in Dick Orkin's radio and animated TV ads for the semi-annual Dayton's Warehouse Sale in Minneapolis. The ads ran pretty much unchanged right up until parent Dayton-Hudson Corp. changed the Dayton's (department stores) name to Marshall Field's.

    The search probably turned up because I'd made a comment about Mr. Shirley on your Jan. 28, 2010 post, in which you'd mentioned Orkin's request to have his plaque removed from the NAB's Hall Of Fame over a Rush Limbaugh flap.

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