A Brief Announcement

Effective today, I am no longer the regular afternoon guy on Magic 98. Through Friday of this week I’m filling in on the morning show. But once this week is over, I will be returning to my former position doing weekends and fill-ins with the stations of Mid-West Family Broadcasting, which I’ve had since since 2006. The news was announced to the station staff and Magic listeners last week, although some of my colleagues have known about it for a while longer than that.

This decision is 100 percent mine. (Me and The Mrs., without whom, etc.) I didn’t get demoted; neither I am doing this because I have some health problem, or because a fabulous new opportunity is coming my way in the very near future. I am doing it because it’s the right thing.

I could probably be persuaded to say more about my reasons, privately, and only if you ply me with liquor first. I will say that this decision is no reflection on my colleagues at Magic, who remain the finest bunch of ether disturbers I’ve ever known. I’m glad that I’ll still be on the team, just like before, just like always.

Regular programming on this blog will continue later in the week.

8 thoughts on “A Brief Announcement

  1. Yah Shure

    I had no idea you’d been in the ether disturbution business all these years. If I’m reading this correctly, you’ll just be somewhat less disturbing from now on. Got it.

  2. This is a bit of a mystery wrapped in a conundrum surrounded by an announcement.

    So.. let´s celebrate what we have to celebrate and look forward to better things (as the Kinks might say).

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