And Also Bacon

Allow me to de-hiatus, drop some quick items, and then re-hiatus for a while longer yet.

Many thanks to whiteray (proprietor of Echoes in the Wind) and the Texas Gal for their hospitality in Minnesota this past weekend at Blog Summit and Beer Spree VI. Whiteray and I met online sometime around 2007 and decided to risk crossing over into the real world a couple of years ago. The Mrs. and I agree that if the two of them aren’t the nicest people in the world, they’re in the semi-finals. The weekend featured a too-short visit with Yah Shure, who has been making whiteray and me (and you) smarter for several years now, and also bacon. We can’t wait until next time.

The music blog world got a jolt with the demise of the filesharing site Megaupload last week, and the shuttering of Filesonic over the weekend. The blog Funk My Soul has a good rundown of precisely what the shutdowns mean for the file-sharing community. It was all accomplished without the controversial SOPA and PIPA legislation that got so much attention last week—which is not exactly a surprise. In the modern world, every piece of legislation has multiple purposes: the ones that are discussed publicly and the ones that are not, the benefits of the law that will be good for the legislation’s supporters without being discussed publicly and which could erode support for the legislation if they were. The shutdowns indicate that SOPA and PIPA aren’t really about the first part. (More about the shutdowns here.)

And finally: even though I was out of town and offline for a lot of the past weekend, some new posts of mine went up at, in case you care: a birthday tribute to Richie Havens, a post about an Elton John single in the 70s that missed the Hot 100 entirely, another one of the World’s Worst Songs, and a flashback to January 20, 1977. A new weekly series starts over there today, about each album to hit #1 on the Billboard 200 beginning in 1964 and continuing until the Mayan apocalypse, at least. (First installment: Meet the Beatles.) Later this week, I’ll start another new series, about famous songs, albums, and artists that never made it to #1. That’s in addition to my regular daily Rock Flashbacks and the weekend’s Bubbling Under and World’s Worst posts. (My author archive is here.)

Regular posting at this stand should resume later this week, but for now, if you missed buying those hits from January 1977, you can get some of ’em here:

5 thoughts on “And Also Bacon

  1. As always, it was a joy being host and hostess! (And thanks for your kind words regarding our world ranking!) As your Mrs. has noted elsewhere, planning for Spree VII might include the Twin Cities. Plenty of brew pubs and antiques there, and no doubt in some small corner, some outstanding bacon. (I’m actually thinking Stillwater, if you’ve never been.)

  2. The Diddy

    Can you repost the article about the 70’s Elton John that missed the charts here? (The radio site is blocked from my PC.) Was it “Song For Guy”? …”Are You Ready For Love?” (…an eventual #1 in England some 30 years later) “Johnny B. Goode (disco”?

  3. Shark

    Rock flashback indeed! I recall January 1977 being really cold and hearing “Hard Luck Woman,” Fly Like an Eagle,” “Go Your Own Way,” “Night Moves,” and “New Kid in Town” on an AM car radio while traveling to a basketball game. I can still picture the exhaust coming from the tailpipe of the cars and from the chimney of nearby houses on those cold nights in January 1977. I also remember Jackie Gleason hosting “Super Night at the Super Bowl” which aired on CBS the week prior to the Super Bowl featuring a cameo appearance by President-elect Jimmy Carter who tossed out bags of peanuts to the audience.

  4. Yah Shure

    I’m glad to see that you and the Mrs. made it home safely, and hereby second your “nicest people in the world” nomination.

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