One Day in Your Life: January 9, 1987

The top-song-on-your-birthday Facebook meme burned itself out over the weekend; people googling their birth dates brought this site nearly 3,300 hits on Thursday, about 1,800 Friday, and about 700 Saturday. But yesterday, the circus left down and we’re back to our usual quietude. If any stragglers are looking for January 9, 1987, here ya go.

January 9, 1987, is a Friday. Controversy over the Iran-Contra Affair, which was first revealed late last November, continues to boil. Newspaper reports indicate that Israel had passed word to the United States that Iran would release American hostages held there in exchange for the resumption of arms shipments, and that President Reagan had been notified the previous September that Israel had sold arms to the Nicaraguan contras. In business news, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 2,000 for the first time in history yesterday. Arthur Lake, the actor who played Dagwood in a series of films based on the Blondie comic strip, and Pete Lucia, former drummer in Tommy James in the Shondells, die. Singer Paolo Nutini is born. The first modern simulator ride, “Star Tours: The Adventures Continue,” opens at Disneyland. The ride cost twice as much money, $32 million, as it took to build the whole park in 1955.

The most popular movies in theaters this weekend are The Golden Child, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Crocodile Dundee, and Little Shop of Horrors. ABC-TV leads off its night with episodes of Webster and Mr. Belvidere; CBS airs Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Dallas, and Falcon Crest; NBC’s lineup includes new episodes of Miami Vice and Crime Story. Some viewers in the Newtown, Connecticut, area may have trouble seeing anything. Housatonic Cable reported this week that repairs to existing lines needed after a recent blizzard have slowed the installation of new lines.

Ratt plays Detroit, Metallica plays Holstebro, Denmark, Iron Maiden plays Pittsburgh, and Triumph plays Toronto. At KKHT in Houston, the new #1 single is “Stay the Night” by Benjamin Orr of the Cars, which knocks “Is This Love” by Survivor to #2. Four records each make seven-place jumps into the top 10: “Someday” by Glass Tiger, “At This Moment” by Billy Vera and the Beaters, Madonna’s “Open Your Heart,” and “Falling in Love (Uh-Oh)” by the Miami Sound Machine. Other major movers on the chart include “Shake You Down” by Gregory Abbott and “Coming Around Again” by Carly Simon. In Davenport, Iowa, the new jock at KRVR wraps up his first week on the air, voice-tracking elevator music from 3 to 9PM. He’s getting used to new co-workers and a new daily routine, and he hasn’t had much time to think about whether he’s made a good move. There will be time for that later.

Perspective From the Present: Twenty-five years ago this week, The Mrs. and I were settling into our new place, in a giant apartment complex at the intersection of  two busy streets in Davenport. We would have preferred to live in part of an old house, as we’d done briefly right after we got married, but we couldn’t find one we liked. The complex seduced us with a pool and a clubhouse—which neither of us ever set foot in, as it turned out. Our unit was advertised as having a fireplace, although it was actually a free-standing woodstove in the corner that heated up like the mouth of Hell with just a couple of sticks of firewood, and we ended up not using it much. We didn’t get to know our neighbors very well either, because people seemed to move in and out frequently. For a while, we shared a bedroom wall with a couple who were very loudly—and frequently—in love. We never actually saw them, so we never knew what they looked like, how old they were, or anything else about them except for their remarkable sexual appetite, which led us to nickname the guy the “pagan love beast.” After a year and a half, we moved on, part of a stretch that saw us with six addresses in five years, the sort of thing newlyweds and young disc jockeys did then, and do now.

3 thoughts on “One Day in Your Life: January 9, 1987

  1. Shark

    Seems like yesterday. I remember seeing the movie “The Golden Child” with a lady friend who had just moved into the apartment across the hall when I lived in Marquette, Michigan. I also remember playing “Stay The Night” from (the late) Benjamin Orr of the Cars and “Is This Love” by Survivor.on the radio. Like you, I would soon move on to another radio station 25 years ago. It was all part of the journey that has brought us to where we are today.

  2. Guess I ought to say something, as my hometown provides this entry’s radio survey. Energy 96.5, as KKHT (now KHMX, the risible Mix 96.5) was known then, started out on the lighter end of Top 40 but would gradually cater to synth-pop/club fans (witness OMD, Dead or Alive and Book of Love on this chart), becoming a full-fledged modern station for about 3 weeks before succumbing to AC mediocrity in the late summer of ’90. In addition to those proto-alternative cuts, I count “Land of Confusion” and “Shake You Down” as favorites; I never understood the appeal of “Don’t Get Me Wrong”; clearly Chrissie’s reputation fueled the interest here. And there’s quite a few tunes (:Change of Heart”, “War”) that I can’t recall hearing on KKHT or any other Houston station at the time.

    For perspective purposes, it was my junior year in high school; I was in choir and continuing my string of unrequited crushes (one of which always crosses my mind via “(Forever) Live and Die”).

  3. So that’s what happened. My 1970s music blog (closely tied to dates) had a sudden spike in readership over the weekend that is just now dying down. I saw the “#1 on your birthday” thing on Facebook but didn’t connect the events.

    I was kinda hoping it would last…my ad revenue went way up. Those three days made more for me than I usually get in a month.

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