Records Under the Tree

I haven’t got anything worthwhile to say today, although various blog friends have said very good things indeed recently. Some of these posts you have probably seen, but if you haven’t, go read ’em, and grab the downloads while you still can.

Jeff at AM, Then FM, has several Christmas songs from recent years that should have been hits. Among them, “Soul Christmas” by Graham Parker and Nona Hendryx is going on a continuous loop at my house. “Soul Christmas” name-checks some people you will find when you visit Any Major Dude With Half a Heart, which has reposted a number of Christmas mixes from recent years. These include three superb Any Major Soul mixes packed with stuff you’ll want in your holiday library.

Barely Awake in Frog Pajamas looks around the living room at Christmastime and thinks, yes, it’s a wonderful life.

It’s Christmas on Hope Street, and there are records under the tree.

Ken Levine tells about getting fired from a radio gig at Christmas. This is something I am hoping to avoid this year, although theoretically I’ll have the opportunity if I accidentally say something obscene while introducing “The Christmas Shoes.” I’ll be playing all Christmas music on Magic 98 today and tomorrow from 2-7PM (US Central) and on Christmas Eve from noon to 4. And it’s time to go.

One thought on “Records Under the Tree

  1. That GP/Nona Hendrix song has been on a loop at my house too.

    Going through a major Graham Parker kick lately… and that song just doesn’t get played enough…

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