Blacked Out, Bombed, but Back in Business

I believe that our Summer of Hiatus is just about over. We had a slowdown in June while I was dealing with some health-related stuff, and one over the last two or three weeks while I was working lots of extra radio hours. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel now, and I’m pretty sure it’s not an oncoming train.

In the interest of keeping beer in the fridge and gas in the tank, I have kept up my blogging schedule at through it all, although recently I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had time to tweet the posts as they appear. So here’s a bit of self-promotion:

Rock Flashback: The Blackout of 1977, about the night in New York City when it became clear we weren’t in 1965 anymore
Rock Flashback: Jayne County, about the transvestite punk rocker
Bottom Five: The Blues Go Classical and Joan Baez Gets Bombed, in which we examine the bottom five positions on the Billboard album chart from a week in July 1973. (These are really fun to write, although I continue to wonder if anyone reads them.)
Rock Flashback: Elton John in the Late 80s, examining what MCA got for its money after the label signed Elton to the biggest advance deal in history in 1985
Rock Flashback: James Bond Themes, about the impact of the movie franchise on the singles chart
Rock Flashback: Bruce Springsteen Meets Humble Pie, in which we examine another famous rock factoid that is repeated uncritically across the Internet
Five Things About: Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind,” According to Wikipedia, because if Wikipedia is bullshit, at least it’s entertaining bullshit

And I believe that takes us back to the last time I tweeted anything of mine from It’s my hope that you’ll click over there regularly, read my stuff, and comment if you have anything to say. Liking a particular piece on Facebook or sharing it via FB or Twitter would be helpful too, if you really dig what you read, and you do that sort of thing. I need the traffic because I’m a whore like everybody else.

Over the weekend, I tweeted the video for the Moody Blues’ “Your Wildest Dreams,” which was a Top-10 hit 25 years ago this week (!), but the tweet got pushed off the feed at the right by stuff about the women’s World Cup later in the day. I can’t imagine I’d never seen “Your Wildest Dreams” before, because we watched MTV a lot back then, but I didn’t remember it at all. Given my personal obsession with (and the difficulties of) recapturing an idealized past, it hit me directly in the wheelhouse, and I was moved far more than I probably should have been. See it here.

I have some interesting stuff lined up for the days to come at this blog, including a meditation on the standard history of the disco boom versus the way it happened in the provinces, a conversation with a musician whose band was as quintessentially 70s as any band could be, and more individual days from the summer of 1976.

But before we get to all that, here’s a word from our sponsor.

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