One Day in Your Life: May 27, 1976

May 27, 1976, is a Thursday. Scandal continues to envelop Ohio Congressman Wayne Hays, who is accused of keeping Elizabeth Ray on his government payroll solely to provide sexual favors. Today, in a speech on the House floor, a fellow Democrat, Romano Mazzoli of New York, calls for Hays to resign. In September, he will. Controversy also swirls regarding a remark made yesterday by President Gerald Ford, who seems to have said that the Supreme Court should reconsider the Brown v. Board of Education decision as the administration battles against school busing. Later in the week, Ford’s spokesman will issue a correction. Today, Ford spends time working on his reelection campaign but also holds meetings on the Clean Air Act, the food stamp program, and motor carrier reform.

Ads appear around the country for the Zayre Concept 10 calculator, which adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides for just six dollars. Actress Ruth McDevitt, frequently seen on television in the 50s and 60s, dies at age 80. Future porn star Anita Blonde and future musician R. J. Krohn, who will be known professionally as RJD2, are born. In 2007, RJD2’s song “A Beautiful Mine” will be adopted as the theme song of the TV series Mad MenNew York Times movie critic Vincent Canby destroys the new movie Mother, Jugs, and Speed, which stars Bill Cosby and Raquel Welch.

The three TV networks combine to air 12 game shows and 14 soap operas during the day. In prime time, ABC’s shows include Barney Miller and Streets of San Francisco; NBC Friday Night at the Movies presents the thriller Beyond the Bermuda Triangle, starring Fred MacMurray and Donna Mills. CBS devotes its evening to game 2 of the NBA Finals, where Boston defeats Phoenix 105-90 to take a 2-0 lead in the series. The major leagues’ leading hitter, Ron LeFlore of the Detroit Tigers, extends his hitting streak to 30 games, but the Tigers lose to Baltimore, 4-3.  

Harry Chapin plays Grand Rapids, Michigan. In London, the Pretty Things play the Marquee Club, where John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin joins them for their encore. Elsewhere in London, AC/DC plays a club called the Nashville, and the Rolling Stones play at Earl’s Court. Elvis Presley plays Bloomington, Indiana. Paul McCartney brings the Wings Over America tour to Cincinnati, Bob Marley plays Santa Monica, California, and Weather Report plays Seattle. Tom Waits appears on a radio show in the Netherlands. At WLS in Chicago, “Welcome Back” by John Sebastian spends a third week at Number One; it has topped the national Cash Box chart for two weeks. “Silly Love Songs” by Wings, which tops the Billboard Hot 100, is at Number Two on WLS and in Cash Box. Strong movers on the chart include “Happy Days” by Pratt & McClain, moving from 15 to 7; “Misty Blue” by Dorothy Moore, climbing from 22 to 15; “Get Up and Boogie” by Silver Convention, going from 24 to 17; and “Shop Around” by the Captain and Tennille, leaping from 29 to 20. The Number-One album at WLS is Presence by Led Zeppelin.

It is graduation day at many high schools, including Monroe High School in Wisconsin. A high-school sophomore may attend the ceremony, or he may not—in years to come, he will be unable to remember. During the coming Memorial Day weekend, he will get his first car, a 1974 AMC Hornet in robin’s-egg blue. It will be the first milestone of the summer—a summer that will echo down through the years in ways he cannot begin to imagine.

Programming Note: We don’t usually post around here on Sunday, but we will this weekend, so stop back.

3 thoughts on “One Day in Your Life: May 27, 1976

  1. Loved this. Also on that weekend, a young long haired punk who had walked away from his well paying job at John Deere six months previously graduated from radio school. He immediately began his 30 year journey with a part time job on WHBF-AM in Rock Island. I remember being in awe of the whole deal.

  2. Nineteen days prior, a kindergarten student celebrated his 6th birthday by purchasing the “Welcome Back” 45 at the Woolworth’s in Rosenberg, Texas. Later that evening, his parents would take him to his favorite restaurant: Kip’s Big Boy. His enthusiasm for 70’s pop…and Big Boy…flourishes today.

  3. On that day, it is entirely possible that a tall, long-haired kid went to work at Pizza Hut on Grand Avenue in Wausau, Wisconsin. His freshman year of college was done and summer was at hand.

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