Cross That Fine Line

Last week over at Echoes in the Wind, whiteray wrote about the encounter he nearly missed with David “Honeyboy” Edwards at a show in Minneapolis—while he was in the can, his wife actually bumped into Edwards, chatted a bit, and even got a hug from him. The story has a happy ending, though. Whiteray eventually did get to meet the 95-year-old bluesman, who used to play with Robert Johnson.

Several years ago, The Mrs. and I went to a Steely Dan concert in Milwaukee. I had been a Dan addict for over 20 years by this time, and they topped my list of bands I’d always wanted to see. During intermission, The Mrs. decided she would walk over to where my brother and his wife were sitting, on the other side of the arena. I am not sure why I decided to stay in my seat, but I did. While The Mrs. was chatting with them, my brother suddenly stood up and yelled at a guy he saw on stage. It was someone he knew from college who turned out to be doing the lighting for the show, and he was tweaking something during the intermission. The guy came down to where they were—and invited them to come backstage.

So The Mrs., my brother, and his wife are backstage at a show starring my favorite band of all time while I am sitting on the other side of the arena waiting for the show to resume.

They were only backstage for a couple of minutes and they didn’t see a lot—no Walter Becker, no Donald Fagen, although some of the backing band was milling around. “I thought about snagging a bagel from the food cart for you,” my brother joked later.

The missed opportunity didn’t bother me all that much then—although I have never understood why it didn’t—and it makes a pretty good story now. Christ, what a dope.

Note to Patrons: Over the weekend, I did something at this blog that I have done only once before in its history—I deleted reader comments not written by a spambot. Twice lately I have mentioned recent political events here in Wisconsin, and both times the same reader left some very blunt comments disagreeing, not so much with precisely what I’d said, but with the motives of the protesters who have been thronging our Capitol and their right to do so. I had no problem with that. However, on Saturday, the same reader returned to the post he’d commented on earlier in the week and left four different one-sentence comments: anti-union, anti-Wisconsin, anti-Jesse Jackson, etc. These I have deleted, along with the guy’s original comment on the same post. I am happy to debate at this blog—I’ll debate politics, sports, the merits of the Starland Vocal Band, whatever—but this wasn’t debate, this was graffiti,  and I’m drawing a line at graffiti. Should we get graffitized again in the future, I’ll clean it up the same way I did this time.

“Deacon Blues” (live in 2000)/Steely Dan (bootleg, recorded in Virginia about a month after we saw them; in Milwaukee, “Deacon Blues” was the musical—and emotional—highlight of the show)

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