The Whole Riff and Nothing But the Riff

There’s something called the preacher’s nightmare, in which a preacher works on a sermon all week and then sometime on Saturday God tells him to throw it out and preach about something else.

Bosses can be such jerks.

Anyhow, I had a post all ready to go in this spot today, but then I decided that it sucked. So here’s a substitute I whipped up at the last minute, with some interesting clicks to get you into the weekend.

—From, The 19 Most Hilariously Failed Attempts at Sexy Album Covers. Prince and Adam Lambert: turn in your man cards—if you ever had them to begin with. Also worth the click at Cracked: The 20 Worst Album Titles of All Time. Over 30 years later, still nobody knows what the hell was up with Point of Know Return.

—Sometime in 1966, the Hollies were scheduled to play a show in Milwaukee, but it was canceled because of a foulup involving the band’s immigration status. Milwaukee TV reporter Bob Barry interviewed the group as they were leaving whatever government building they had to visit in order to keep from being deported.

—Also from the annals of Milwaukee television, an ad circa 1980 for 1812 Overture record stores (remember them?), piggybacked on a TV news promo spot that tries getting away with a network/local cooperation angle that only the most gullible viewer was likely to buy.

—Here are a couple of radio station tribute sites to add to your list:, paying tribute to Philadelphia’s legendary WFIL (h/t Charlie at Bloggerhythms), and, an archive of audio and video clips from stations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and a few other spots in Minnesota.

—There are several lists of the greatest guitar riffs of all time (like this one and this one) that don’t include “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones, which is fine as long as we acknowledge that they’re wrong to omit it. (This list doesn’t leave it out.) The best evidence is an instrumental version of the song from the bootleg Black Box compilation, which I found in the wild earlier this week. Stripped to its essence, this “Satisfaction” removes all doubt about where the song’s riff belongs in the history of rock and roll.

—Even a man with little use for gods in the sky must bow to the gods of shuffle. After I thought I was done with this post, up popped a track by Cincinnati’s Kelly Richey Band that’s just magnificent. “The Longest Road” is from Kelly’s 2006 album Speechless. She can wail like Stevie Ray Vaughan, and this performance proves it.

“Satisfaction” (instrumental)/Rolling Stones (bootleg)
“The Longest Road”/Kelly Richey Band (buy it here)

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