Down at the Crossroads

(You can still take the survey mentioned in this post.) The survey is now closed, but you can still dig Eric and Steve below.

When Robert Johnson met the devil at the crossroads, he is said to have sold his soul for his ability to play guitar like nobody else. At this particular crossroads, however, nobody’s asking for your soul—just some opinions, for which you’ll receive nothing in return.

Life is like that sometimes.

It seems clear that we are at a crossroads with this blog. The number of daily visitors has been steadily sinkin’ down in recent months, and the number of comments is down sharply in recent weeks. This site has never generated especially big numbers, but its numbers were always respectable enough. I don’t feel that way anymore.

So: I’ve designed a reader survey to get your opinion about the various features of this blog, in hopes of figuring out how we can flag a ride from a larger number of readers. Take the survey here, if you please. All responses are anonymous.

If you’d like to barrelhouse with me via e-mail, find my address here. I’d like to hear whatever you’ve got to say.

8 thoughts on “Down at the Crossroads

  1. I completed your survey. I hope this isn’t a precursor to taking this blog offline. Yours was one of the first music blogs I found on the web and almost everything you post is interesting.

  2. Gary

    Hello JB,
    I know how hard it is to get responses like this so I’ll throw a few thoughts your way to help out. I don’t recall how I found your Blog but have been following it for about a year. A couple of parallels here; I found your reference to Monroe, Wisconsin interesting since I lived there for a couple of years from 75 to 77. This was after a couple of years of college in Madison. Had a couple of jobs there and then went back to school for broadcasting. I too was a “hanger on” at WEKZ for a brief period, I think they were looking for someone to babysit baseball games or something. I did one game and they never called me back (must’ve been pretty bad, huh). My first couple of stations after graduating were in Wausau, then a 2 or 3 in Green Bay, and on to Appleton-Oshkosh before leaving the business all together some years ago. Your stories of your early radio career sounded familiar, there were some real wack-jobs back in the day, maybe there still are. Before and since, I’ve never encountered a business/industry with such commonplace poor leadership. So, to wrap things up I’ll give you a list of my likes and dislikes concerning your blog.

    I enjoy the stories of Radio Life, yours and others.

    Anything relating to Monroe in the mid-70’s.

    Chicago Radio, Jocks, Playlists, etc. (Freeport and Milwaukee too)

    Things I can live without on your Blog…
    The Dark Paneling, sorry but I don’t like it. Heck, I’m old enough to recall when this was “it” and I didn’t particularly like it back then either.

    Obscure Album Stuff, I’ve always been a Hits Kinda Guy, sorry. I was just thinking about 8 Tracks the other day and how we’d have to listen to all the B Sides before we got to our favorite song on whatever channel.

    Lastly, Politics. I enjoy your writings but the two of us don’t march with the same crowd. (not that there’s anything wrong with that) just not my cup of tea. I consider myself somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of politics in America, not too far left or right. I like to keep my politics separate from most eveything else like music and entertainment.

    So there you have it. I hope you get other responses and I hope they’re helpful in the future. Good Luck with all things and take care.


  3. Jay Young

    I sure hope you’re not planning to shut this blog down. Just because I’m shy and don’t have much to say doesn’t mean I’m not reading.

  4. jb

    @All: I’ve got no plans to stop blogging, but I’d like to write about topics that are more precisely of interest to the people who read here already, and I hope to get some ideas that might help attract additional eyeballs at the same time. Hence the survey.

  5. Basically, I enjoy reading pretty much anything you offer, but some things grip me more than others: I like the radio tales and the tales of how your life and music can intersect. (Not a surprise, eh?) I do enjoy your trolling on the bottom of the charts, too. And the Off-Topic Tuesday stuff has been fascinating. Like others, though, I can do without the dark background. But it won’t stop me from stopping by. Good to know you’re not packing it in. (Too many blogs have done so for one reason or another: I was updating my IE Favorites the other day, and about a quarter of the blogs in that sidebar have gone dark since the last time I checked the full list.)

  6. Liz P

    I already completed your reader survey, and I read your blog regularly, but it wasn’t until you posted the survey that I realised how long it had been since I had actually *visited* your blog directly. These days, I read all my blogroll by RSS feed (the only exceptions are ones who don’t give me the entire entry via RSS). Hmm. Still reading, though! :)

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