A Soul Serenade

I’m dropping in here to note the passing of the great Willie Mitchell, producer, performer, and owner of Hi Records in Memphis, best known for being Al Green’s collaborator on those one-of-a-kind records Green made in the 1970s. I loved Green’s sound from the first time I heard “Tired of Being Alone” in the fall of 1971, but it was years before I started giving Mitchell his due for his contributions to that sound. Don’t make the same mistake of underestimating Mitchell’s contribution to our musical heritage. Check the brief tribute at Funky16Corners, and/or listen to Mitchell’s lone Top 40 hit as a solo artist, “Soul Serenade,” from the spring of 1968, below.

Apart from a new edition of This Week in Rock History at WNEW.com, I’ve got nothing else today. With any luck at all, I expect to be back tomorrow. Although maybe not, because January still sucks.

“Soul Serenade”/Willie Mitchell (buy it here)

One thought on “A Soul Serenade

  1. There’s a great version of Green’s Tired of Being Alone on the Rhino remaster of Chicago VI. It’s from Chicago’s In the Rockies special back in the 70s (produced by Dick Clark) and features Al Green backed by the Chicago horns. If you haven’t checked it out already, I recommend doing so.

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