Top 5: Holiday Day Today

It’s the holiday season, so I’m taking a holiday. Here are five things to check out after you check out of here:

This year and every year, you’ll hear Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” until you can’t stand it anymore. If you’d like to hear Springsteen take on some other holiday tunes, click here. (Yesterday I posted a so-bad-it’s-not-bad version of “Blue Christmas.” Had I waited one more day, I could have posted Springsteen’s, but I don’t believe it’s an improvement.)

At Popdose, Matthew Bolin, a Rod Stewart fan, reviews Rod’s latest album, Soulbook, which is so wretched that even a sympathetic writer can’t be sympathetic.

At SHH/Peaceful, Kinky Paprika opens a package he wasn’t supposed to see until Christmas, and ends up writing a terrific appreciation of a classic album.

At Echoes in the Wind, whiteray remembers a vanished gas station/diner, but leaves an even better story hanging.

I hadn’t listened to anything by the Alan Parsons Project in a long while, but I grabbed a cassette out of the box in the car yesterday and there they were. Later in the day I learned that Eric Woolfson, Parsons’ longtime collaborator, had died at age 64. I dug the Project from the first thing of theirs I ever heard (“Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether,” 1976), through “Damned If I Do” (on your radio 30 years ago this week), to “Don’t Answer Me” (1984), which features Woolfson on lead vocals and might be the best thing they ever did. The video’s great.

3 thoughts on “Top 5: Holiday Day Today

  1. porky

    the FM rock station I listen to will throw in something that catches me off guard; AP Project’s “I Wouldn’t Want to be Like You” is one such tune.

    It was never back-announced (of course) so I thought it was Atlantic Rhythm Section. I was stunned to find out it was Alan Parson and that it had slipped past me all of these years.

    I was in radio when APP’s “Time” was on the charts. There are few songs that elapse so slowly.

  2. whiteray

    Great video, indeed! I recall “Don’t Answer Me” only vaguely from my grad school days. I remember liking it, but that was a time when I frequently kept my home silent as I struggled with theories of the press and the impact of riverboat traffic on newspapers of the 1840s. Oddly, I thought of APP yesterday as well: As I stood in line at the grocery store, the strains of “Time” came floating from the speakers in the ceiling.

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