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When whiteray and I got together last weekend, he asked me if I ever worried about running out of things to write about. Well, not until today. Pending the next bit of inspiration, here’s a selection of this and that from here and there.

Whiteray and I also talked about the concept of music as memoir—relating past to present and present to past through the music we’re listening to now, and what we listened to then. Another blogger working a similar vein is Alex at Clicks and Pops. Today’s topic is the demise of another great radio station: Boston’s WBCN. Recent posts on Ellen Foley and the Long Ryders are also worth a look.

Also worth reading, from Bloggerhythms: Charlie keeps the first 11 Chicago albums straight, and tells you which ones you ought to own.

I’ve posted another edition of “One Day in Your Life” over at Popdose today, and there’s another Today in Rock History post at Coming here later in the week: More from the 1976 daybook.

On another matter entirely, it didn’t take John Sebastian very long to start making waves at Q106 here in Madison—on Monday, the country format was gone, replaced by oldies. Yesterday it was a sort of smooth jazz/light hip-hop thing. (I haven’t tuned in yet today.) Sebastian told the local newspaper that nobody’s been fired and everyone’s still at work behind the scenes. I’ve got no inside information on what Q106 will eventually become—even if I did and I told you, then I’d have to kill you, except management would kill me first. The stunt is working, however—it’s got me curious about what’s next.

To wrap things up today, here’s a bit of video you will enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, we probably shouldn’t be seeing each other anymore.

2 thoughts on “Insert Your Own Title Here

  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    Re: Sanford-Townsend Band — how can you not love a record that rhymes “mist” with “dist [very long beat] ant fire”?

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