Bruce Springsteen . . .

. . . totally gets what rock and roll is supposed to be about. Just sayin’.

I’d post a link to the Super Bowl halftime show, but the NFL seems to have yanked all evidence of it from wherever it might be found, and hasn’t put it on its own website, so if you missed it, I guess you’re screwed.

And to those complaining about the set list: shut up. There was never no chance that he wouldn’t play “Born to Run,” so get over it. I’m not crazy about “Glory Days” either, but if you thought he’d do “Thundercrack” or something similarly obscure (and not on his new album), you must have been smoking crack.

Tomorrow: Tommy James, I swear.

4 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen . . .

  1. Yah Shure

    Now THAT was a halftime show!

    While I was reviewing the then-new ‘Born To Run’ LP as a college radio music director, at first I couldn’t quite put my finger on where I thought Bruce was channeling all that sheer energy from. Bingo!: “Any Way You Want It.”

    I read years later that Bruce had asked Dave Clark how he got the echo in that song.

  2. Shark

    I did a Bruce Springsteen Super-set when I voice tracked my show for Saturday afternoon and I figured he’d play “Born in the USA,” “Glory Days,” and “Born To Run.” Well, I got two of them right.

    He did such an explosive version of “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out” that I thought he was a little “winded” when he did “Born To Run.” But he recovered and he really let it rip for “Glory Days.” I said on my radio show on Saturday that I anticipated he’d change the lyrics at the beginning of “Glory Days” to “football player”…sure enough, he did. My goodness…the man is 59 years old and can still bring it! I want to buy him a beer!

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