I Hope

I met my niece Audrey for the first time the night before the 2004 election, when she was four days old. I told her I would ring as many doorbells as possible the next day so that she could grow up in a world where George W. Bush had been put out to pasture after one term.

I did all I could, but it didn’t work out.

Now she’s four years old. The choice for president at her house is a man she calls “Rock Obama.” That’s my girl.

The indicators today are positive, but I have my doubts. In fact, at Best of the Blogs over the weekend I constructed a scenario by which John McCain wins the Electoral College despite losing the popular vote, and I will not be remotely surprised if it turns out that way.

But that’s not the way I voted, or the way I’ll be hoping.

It’s really the Republican Party against the world in this election. The only place on the planet where there’s any significant support for McCain (apart from a few Al Qaeda caves) is among approximately half of the American electorate. Should Barack Obama win the election, the world will rejoice. It will be a sign that perhaps they shouldn’t count us out as a force for democracy and justice just yet, that we might yet be willing to arrest our transformation into a banana republic, which has been going on since 2001. It’ll be a victory—not the end of the war, but a victory for certain—in our fight against our country’s inbred racism. It’ll be a victory for critical thinking and common sense over fear-mongering and outright lies.

If McCain wins the election, the world will mourn, and our slide into Banana Republicanism will be complete and irreversible.

But it’ll be hours before we know. So while you’re waiting:

—Check out Larry’s Obama endorsement at Funky16Corners, the one at Any Major Dude With Half a Heart, or the essay at Pandagon on what today means.

—Watch NBC’s coverage of the 1968 election at Classic Television Showbiz. The video is from The Huntley/Brinkley Report on the day after, where you’ll hear correspondent Sandur Vanocur quoting Wordsworth, and talking about America’s thirst for “the politics of soul” and a belief that the electorate of 1968 “wants to be lifted up somehow.” Notice Brinkley saying he expects the Nixon years to be like the Eisenhower years, and not a time of great social turmoil.

—Head over to WNEW.com for something completely different: a new interview with Cheech and Chong featuring a ton of classic bits, streaming all day today. Depending on how the night goes, we might need the yuks.

Tonight, be sure to stop over at the Best of the Blogs Election Night Live Blog after 6PM Central time, where I’ll be live-blogging the returns until I can’t stay awake anymore.

Rock Obama!

Our children are watching us
They put their trust in us
They’re gonna be like us
So let’s learn from our history
And do it differently

7 thoughts on “I Hope

  1. “If McCain wins the election, the world will mourn, and our slide into Banana Republicanism will be complete and irreversible.”

    It’s true. We will mourn. Sitting a mere 70 miles north of the USA, everyone around me is buzzing about the election and wondering how many of our neighbours to the south will be fleeing to Canada in the case of a McCain victory. People at my university are wearing Obama pins and t-shirts etc – it’s a little crazy.

    That being said, we just finished re-electing a conservative government, so who are we to talk?

  2. Shark

    I remember remarking to my Dad in 1991 that President Bush (George H.W.) was vulnerable despite his recent high approval rating. I felt the economy was slipping and there didn’t seem to be a feeling of accomplishment following victory in the Persian Gulf War. My Dad didn’t think there was a Democrat who could give Bush a serious challenge. Then came November 3rd, 1992. That night brought a sense of jubilation. “Trickle-down economics” would give way to opportunities for all Americans. Those eight years of the Clinton Administration were really good…for the most part..

  3. Thank you, you nailed it. I’d like to know I voted for the actual winner in a presidential election for once (my track record since 1980, my first, has not been so good), and I think today it just might happen.

    Thanks again, and here’s hoping your live-blogging tonight will be happy blogging, too.

  4. Sandra D

    Hey, Richard, my first was 1980, too! My track record hasn’t been so hot either.

    Today I Ba-Rocked the vote in Oklahoma, and it felt pretty darn good. I think I picked a winner this time.

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