Linkin’ in Partytown

It’s been a couple of weeks since I linked to my stuff at, so here it is:

Rock 101: Bootlegs
Rock 101: ‘Dark Side of the Moon’
Founding Father: Ed Sullivan
Founding Father: Little Richard
Founding Fathers: The Sex Pistols
This Week in Rock History: Good Vibrations
This Week in Rock History: Seriously, I’m Bob

And now, some other worthwhile links from other worthwhile blogs:

AM, Then FM, remembers a radio station that used to signal the start of the weekend by playing the same two songs back to back. For a while in the mid 80s, I played the rock version of “In Heaven There Is No Beer” by Clean Living at the end of my morning show on Fridays. Starting in 1983, KSHE in St. Louis played Glenn Frey’s “Partytown” at the end of its morning show every Friday. In the beginning (and still, for all I know), the whole staff would crowd the studio to sing along, and I seem to recall that visiting celebs sometimes participated, as did some of the station’s best clients.

Earlier this month, we revisited an October day in 1975 and provided a couple of tunes to remember it by. Last week, Echoes in the Wind was much more generous.

Coming here tomorrow, we’ll watch a not-often-seen rock movie. Later in the week, we’ll visit a few more random October days.

“Partytown”/Glenn Frey (buy it here)

3 thoughts on “Linkin’ in Partytown

  1. Back in the 90s, there was a station in Phoenix that signaled it was the weekend at 5 p.m. every Friday by playing Loverboy’s “Working For The Weekend.” I think it might have been KSLX.

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