One Day in Your Life: October 9, 1969

October 9, 1969, is a Thursday. In conjunction with the trial of the Chicago Eight, the Days of Rage protests continue for a second day in Chicago, organized by the Weathermen. (One organizer, Bill Ayers, will become a controversial figure nearly 40 years later.) Last night, protesters smashed windows in the city’s Gold Coast neighborhood; a thousand police moved against 200 protesters, ending the riot after about 30 minutes. Today, Illinois Governor Richard Ogilvie calls in 2,500 National Guardsmen to protect the city. Future singer P. J. Harvey is born; singer Arlo Guthrie gets married. President Nixon presents the Congressional Medal of Honor to four soldiers: Sergeant Robert M. Patterson of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Captain James Sprayberry of Sylacauga, Alabama, Captain Jack H. Jacobs of Fords, New Jersey, and Major Patrick H. Brady of Fort Sam Houston, Texas. An article in the New York Times quotes six experts from the RAND Corporation think tank who say the United States should get out of Vietnam. In Argentina, a man claims he saw beings with long blond hair and one eye each getting out of a spaceship. A UFO encounter is also reported in Belgium. Two members of the Manson Family flee from Barker Ranch near Death Valley, California; tomorrow, police will raid the ranch, arresting Charles Manson and several followers for August’s Tate-LaBianca murders.

On TV tonight, Bewitched is in the midst of a story arc involving Samantha’s pregnancy, which will feature the birth of Tabitha on next week’s episode. Other shows on tonight include That Girl, Daniel Boone, and This Is Tom Jones. Crosby Stills and Nash open a stand at the Fillmore West in San Francisco; also on the bill is Blodwyn Pig. Fleetwood Mac and Yes play Essen, West Germany, and King Crimson plays York, England. The Carpenters release Ticket to Ride,  a retitled rerelease of their first album, Offering, which had failed to generate any interest earlier this year. Aretha Franklin completes sessions for the album This Girl’s in Love With You.

At WPTR in Albany, New York, bubblegum is everywhere: “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies is at Number Two, the Clique’s soundalike cover of Tommy James’ “Sugar on Sunday” stands at Number 10, Bobby Sherman’s “Little Woman” is at Number 11, “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” by Lou Christie is at Number 19, and “Tracy” by the Cuff Links is at Number 20. (One might also count Oliver’s “Jean” at Number One and “This Girl Is a Woman Now” by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap at Number 4.) There’s smokin’ good R&B too: the Temptations’ “I Can’t Get Next to You” is at Number 3, “World” by James Brown at Number 6, and “Nobody But You Babe” by Clarence Reid at Number 12. A fourth-grader in Wisconsin isn’t listening to the radio yet; he’s more interested in the upcoming World Series, because his main obsession at this point in his life is sports. Baseball has taught him a hard lesson in devotion over the last month. His favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, has just suffered a shattering collapse, losing the division title to the New York Mets and ruining a season that was supposed to end their long championship drought.

“Sugar on Sunday”/The Clique (buy it here)

8 thoughts on “One Day in Your Life: October 9, 1969

  1. The 1969 Fleetwood Mac lineup and the release and tour for “Then Play On” was Peter Green’s swan song from the group. It was also the first to feature Danny Kirwan. Plus, Christine Perfect, John McVie’s future wife, appeared in an uncredited role on piano.

    The U.K. / original U.S. release of the LP did not feature “Oh, Well (pts. 1 & 2).” It was added after becoming a hit single.

  2. Yah Shure

    Well, the Cubs are….. um, consistent. Shoulda gone with the Clique in ’69! “Sugar On Sunday” still reminds me of starting college that fall, and remains an all-tine fave. Producer Gary Zekley out-Tommy James’d Tommy himself; the original on ‘Crimson And Clover’ just plods along, but the Clique’s rendition absolutely shimmers. And to have “Superman” lurking on its backside? Oh, to live on sugar mountain.

  3. detectivetom

    October 9, 1969 a Chicago police officer (Leroy N Berry Jr.) was murdered in his squad car. His police star and revolver were stolen. The killer(s) were never captured.

  4. shawn

    October 9, 1969, my father Raymond James Sutherland born in 1945 in Halifax was murdered in Toronto by John David Prince.
    Any info ?????

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