One Day in Your Life: October 7, 1976

October 7, 1976, is a Thursday. At last night’s second Ford/Carter debate, President Ford said there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe. Today, Ford’s campaign unveils a new ad touting the president’s biography. Hua Kuo-Feng is named chairman of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, succeeding Mao Tse-Tung, who died last month. In a meeting with the foreign minister of Argentina, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger gives indications that the United States will not oppose Argentina’s “dirty war” against its own people. Gary Gilmore is convicted of murder in Utah; he will insist on a speedy execution by firing squad, and in January 1977, become the first person to be executed in the United States since the death penalty was banned by the Supreme Court in 1972. Future actress Rachel McAdams, future singer Taylor Hicks, and future Green Bay Packer Charles Woodson are born. Hank Aaron, baseball’s all-time home run king, joins the Atlanta Braves’ front office after retiring as a player. High-school football fans in a small Wisconsin town look forward to tomorrow night’s game; after opening the season with two wins, equaling their total in the two previous seasons, the local team is again mired in a losing streak.

Connie Stevens is this week’s cohost on The Mike Douglas Show. Burt Reynolds is today’s guest. On the competing daytime show Dinah!, Dinah Shore’s guests include Sid Caesar and Marsha Mason. Shows on TV tonight include the NBC sci-fi series Gemini Man and the CBS crime drama Barnaby Jones. Elton John appears on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone. In “Elton’s Frank Talk: The Lonely Love Life of a Superstar,” he reveals his bisexuality. Frank Sinatra plays Hartford, Connecticut, Neil Diamond plays Fort Worth, Texas, and Lynryd Skynyrd plays Spokane, Washington.

On the Cash Box chart for the week, “Lowdown” by Boz Scaggs is Number One, swapping places with KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Shake Your Booty.” Also involved in booty-shaking: “Disco Duck” by Rick Dees at Number 4, “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry at Number 8,  and “Getaway” by Earth Wind and Fire at Number 10. There’s only one new entry in the Top 20: “Beth” by KISS at Number 20. Peter Frampton’s “Do You Feel Like We Do” is the highest debuting single in almost exactly a year, at Number 48 in its first week on. The hottest new record in the country, however, is “Muskrat Love” by the Captain and Tennille, which moves from 60 to 31. The duo has just launched a new ABC-TV variety show.

Perspective From the Present: If you can watch that entire clip without wanting to pull off your arm and use it to beat yourself to death, you’re made of tougher stuff than I.

8 thoughts on “One Day in Your Life: October 7, 1976

  1. pd

    Oh, Come on now JB, it wasn’t all that bad – it just demands the same type of setup used in the “social programming” scene from A Clockwork Orange to view that clip. Actually I’m glad you posted it because it proves the scene was real and not some drug-induced hallucination of a college freshman back in the day.

  2. pd

    Oops, see what your nefarious postings create? This fantasy would have been the fevered mind of a high school senior, the freshman was yet to come (how the years meld together).

  3. dimestore lipstick

    Since the day under scrutiny was my 13th birthday, I grew up with such crap on TV and am subsequently immune to it.

  4. WOW… that clip was just… well, there are no words. I did not want to tear my arm off; instead, I felt the urge to stab myself in the eye just to distract myself from the screen. Wow.

  5. Well. I made it through the whole thing, but only by pondering two things: First, was Toni’s hair solid, like a biking helmet, and could it deflect gravel and rocks? Second, do you suppose the two people who dressed up as the muskrats put these performances on their resumes? And even though I tried to think about those things, I still kept thinking in another part of my brain, “Gawd, this is ghastly!” Thanks for a gruesome reminder of what we survived!

  6. Wow. Supremely bad. And I actually liked the Captain and Tennille (but hated “Muskrat Love” and “Can’t Stop Dancin'”). They had an appeal as middle-of-the-road pop musicians … but “Muskrat” really did wipe them out.

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