And Now, a Special Message From the Proprietor of This Blog

This is not the post I intended to put up today (watch for that one tomorrow), but with Billboard concluding its Hot 100 50th anniversary celebration by announcing its All-Time Top 100 today, I decided to alter the schedule a bit to comment on it.

The list proves that nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.

Thank you. We now return to our regular programming.

8 thoughts on “And Now, a Special Message From the Proprietor of This Blog

  1. Shark

    I only looked at Numbers 100-91 and Numbers 10-1 and was so totally disgusted that I couldn’t bear to look at any more. The Billboard Top 100 is an absolute disgrace and an insult to anyone who has loved listening to music on the radio.

  2. How were the rankings determined: sales, radio airplay, combination of both? The list is ridiculous. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of songs better than most of the ones that made the list.

  3. Yah Shure

    What? No “Juanita Banana”?!? I am SO crushed. There *must* have been a mistake.

    An interesting list – as one might expect – but not one that would keep many listening over the course of a complete countdown. But, then, the list is based solely on Hot 100 chart singles data, not by any subjective “best-better-classic” criteria. There is a link to the FAQ which explains how the listing was determined.

  4. I read the FAQ link that explains the methodology, a combination of chart positions and weeks on, so it’s not a subjective ranking of worth, it’s an index of chart performance. Nobody puts more stock in chart performance as a measure of historical worth than I do–but what shocked me about the list is precisely how many of the absolutely biggest hits of all time are The Suck in terms of their aesthetic value, at least as I perceive it to be, and I’m guessing I would not be alone in many of my perceptions. For example, that “The Macarena” should be Number 5 song of the last 50 years, a period that contained produced the Beatles, the bulk of Elvis, Springsteen, Dylan, etc., speaks volumes about American taste.

    It’s as if we’re the sort of country that would elect a PTA mom to be vice president or something.

  5. (In my best Casey Kasem voice) Checking in at #5 on The Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Songs, it’s Los Del Rio with “Macarena.” (Followed by a heaving of lunch and breakfast)

  6. Shark

    Yeah, only in this country can “The Macarena” be #5 All-Time Billboard, one company can own nearly 10% off all the radio stations, McDonald’s can keep bringing back the McRib, and a hockey Mom and former beauty queen and part-time weekend sports anchor become a Vice Presidential candidate without any clue as to what the Bush doctrine is.

  7. Yah Shure

    Some of the biggest hits were absolutely perfect for their places in time, getting massive airplay and sales effortlessly. But once they literally wore out their welcomes, few folks wanted to go down those memory lanes yet again. “You Light Up My Life” is a prime example of this eternal burnout.

    The Billboard folks goofed today, the 42nd anniversary of the first broadcast of “The Monkees” on NBC-TV. “I’m A Believer” was on “More Of The Monkees,” not the self-titled debut LP “The Monkees,” as the Billboardians claimed.

  8. Despite living in Arizona, I’m no fan of our senior senator. However, voting for someone who abuses alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine might be even worse. What if there is a meltdown under the strain of the preseidency? I’m not sure I can take that chance, either.

    My vote will go to the same person I voted for in the two previous presidential elections. ME!

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