Vinyl Record Rundown 2008

(Vinyl Record Day is a great idea, but it’s not my idea. To learn more about the preservation efforts of the people who founded Vinyl Record Day, visit

Despite our audiophilic obsessions with ever-improving forms of technology—first it was the tape, then the CD, now the mp3—vinyl remains the mother format of recorded music. The vast majority of music recorded in the last 131 years was put down on vinyl, and much of it remains only on vinyl, never upgraded to newer formats. It’s that legacy we celebrate on Vinyl Record Day, August 12, the anniversary of the invention of the phonograph in 1877. But that’s not all. We also celebrate our enjoyment of music on vinyl, the impact of enjoying music on vinyl, the legacy of the impact of having enjoyed music on vinyl, and so on. Again in 2008, bloggers from around the world contributed to a Vinyl Record Day blogswarm, writing about various vinyl-related topics and (sometimes) sharing appropriate tracks. And here they are:

–Rock Revival presents five things you can’t do with mp3s.

–The Devil’s Music takes us inside Devil Dick’s lair, where we meet Uncle Dan.

–In Dangerous Rhythm lets the music do the talking, with a Vinyl Record Day mix of stuff that hasn’t made it onto the blog yet.

–Red Kelly at the “A” Side introduces us to a soul record label based in Chicago that’s putting undiscovered soul gems back into circulation, both on the road and on vinyl.

–Derek’s Daily 45 features another example of why Derek has always loved 45s.

–Charlie at Bloggerhythms has got the turntable for you–if you’ve got the money for it.

–At It’s Great Shakes, Todd recaps a day of crate-digging and shares some of what he found, while Brian goes through the 45s on his desk.

–At Good Rockin’ Tonight. Homercat highlights a new release that’s out on vinyl and a favorite that’s not available on vinyl.

–At Funky16Corners, Larry takes us inside the room where the magic happens.

–You Must Be From Away presents “It’s Just Not Cricket . . . or Exercises in Unsportsmanlike Behavior.” It’s about vinyl, really.

–The Stepfather of Soul works blue. Not blues, blue.

–Art at 70s Classic Rock writes about the vinyl-listening ritual, and a favorite album.

–Fusion 45 remembers the first vinyl he ever bought, and the last.

–Caithiseach at the Great Vinyl Meltdown traces the history of his vinyl fandom, and wants to find out if you can tell the difference between the vinyl and CD versions of the same song.

–Jeff at AM, Then FM, pays tribute to Isaac Hayes and at the same time, explains how a record collection starts.

–Kevin at Got the Fever looks at some album covers in his collection and asks, “What the heck were they thinking?”

–DJ Prestige at Flea Market Funk introduces you to another vinyl aficionado, the Old Man.

–Davewillieradio’s live vinyl podcast is up.

–Doug’s Stuff Room digs up a music survey from 1966 that shows which records he bought on 45s that summer. At Doug’s other blog, the Under ground Vault, he displays some unusual 45s from his collection.

–Barely Awake in Frog Pajamas remembers when radio stations used to play new albums in their entirety.

–At Fufu Stew, Vincent turns the ship over to his bride, Leslie, who lays down some classic rock.

–Any Major Dude With Half a Heart shares his vinyl autobiography, including how pop music helped him learn English.

–At Popdose, DJ D from Retro Remixes revisits the independent record store that changed everything, Dw. Dunphy reviews a cult favorite getting a high-end vinyl release, Ted Asregadoo puts together another Mix Six featuring some vinyl versions of movie songs from the 80s, and Jon Cummings reviews “5 Ways to Trash a Precious Platter.” And because there’s a contrarian in every crowd, Mojo Flucke asks “What’s So Great About Vinyl, Anyway?”

–At Echoes in the Wind, whiteray presents a baker’s dozen of 45s from his collection.

–The Vinyl District is giving you a chance to win some music on vinyl.

–My Hmphs begins his tale of wannabe rock stardom by saying, “It all started with a Bay City Rollers 45.”

–Blues for the RedBoy (which is based in Edison, New Jersey) spins some Blind Willie Johnson.

–At, Max takes a look at how old vinyl becomes new art, and I discuss the tactile pleasures of vinyl.

–And here at the Hits Just Keep on Comin’, we set the Wayback Machine for the Pioneer Era of Recording.

It was my pleasure to organize the Vinyl Record Day blogswarm again this year, but the participating blogs and their bloggers deserve 99.9 percent of the credit. All of us hope those of you dropping in will visit our blogs regularly. You’ll find good reading, great tunes, and much knowledge, not just on Vinyl Record Day, but every day.

16 thoughts on “Vinyl Record Rundown 2008

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  2. I’ll toast to vinyl with you too. The most amazing thing about the blogosphere–a decidedly new technology–is that it uses its futuristic skills to keep something like vinyl alive.

    In addition to all the great information to be found on sites like yours or FMF, we bloggers are doing our part to undermine the hegemonic record companies/corporate bohemeths that choose to keep the majority of recorded music out of print. The music that gets shared on these blogs is beautiful and amazing and largely unavailable anywhere else. I’m so thankful for all of the treasures that have landed on my desktop vis-a-vis Rapidshare and Megaupload and, like a true music junky, the availability of these great LPs has only inspired me to dig and buy more.

    Please stop by my new blog where I share sides from my collection too –

    Here’s to vinyl (gulp).

  3. I’m with Bill…much music from an old medium kept alive through a new medium, through the combined efforts of many from around the world. What a cool thing. Thanks for including me in the community. Music Junkie at F45

  4. Great job with yet another great Vinyl Record Day. It’s great to see that the blogswarm grew, and I’m sure – if you are so inclined – it will continue to do so in the future!

    Thanks for inviting me to participate again!

  5. oops!

    I was logged in above on my lady friends PC!!!!

    so let me try this again!

    Sorry i got on board late in the game today but some PC problems almost KO’d me!!!!

  6. Echoing others myself, thanks for your efforts! The existence of such a far-flung community (time was when that phrase would have been a contradiction) is a joy. Take a bow for your huge part in making it happen!

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