We Got Yer Vinyl Right Here

(Updated 8/11, late in the afternoon in the States. This is the final version of the preview.)

Vinyl Record Day 2008 is Tuesday, August 12, the 131st anniversary of the invention of the phonograph. We’ve assembled a great lineup of music blogs to participate in another worldwide blogswarm in observance of the day. Here’s an advance look at what some of them are planning:

–At the “A” Side, Red Kelly will tell us about a little record company that goes out of its way to release some of its music on vinyl.

Any Major Dude With Half a Heart will present his childhood vinyl autobiography, which will explain why you’re able to read it in English.

–At Popdose, Dw. Dunphy will review “a vinyl enthusiast’s wet dream of a release,” Mojo Flucke, Ph.D, will take the contrarian position that vinyl is “fatally overrated,” DJ D from Retro Remixes will revisit his first independent record store, and Dave Steed hopes to write about why album covers have got it all over CD art. Some of the other Popdose writers may participate as well.

–Jeff at AM, Then FM, will talk about how a record collection starts and pay tribute to an artist recently lost at the same time.

Davewillieradio will feature a podcast with an eclectic selection of live tracks, from Ted Nugent to Jean-Luc Ponty.

at The Great Vinyl Meltdown will explain how vinyl made him a music lover.

–Whiteray at Echoes in the Wind has decided it’s about time he looked through those singles he’s hanging onto.

The Vinyl District is actually giving away some vinyl.

My Hmphs will tell how lip-synching to 45s led to the rise and fall of an eight-year-old’s first band.

–Kevin at Got the Fever will spotlight some albums from his collection that are too bad to throw away.

–At Fufu Stew, Vincent the Soul Chef plans to dig into his wife’s record collection.

–At Bloggerhythms, you’ll read about what happened when the record player and the CD player had a baby.

You Must Be From Away presents “Exercises in Unsportsmanlike Conduct.” (It’ll be about vinyl, somehow.)

–At It’s Great Shakes, Todd goes crate-digging and Brian goes desk-digging.

–Homercat at Good Rockin’ Tonight will feature a new release on vinyl and some favorite vinyl that’s never been released on CD.

–At Fusion45, you never forget your first, or your last.

–I’ll be taking you back to a time when records were neither made of vinyl nor flat. This blog will also be the clearinghouse at which you can find all the posts in the swarm.

Also planning to be back this year:
In Dangerous Rhythm
Retro Remixes
The Stepfather of Soul
Underground Vault

Joining the swarm for the first time this year:
Barely Awake in Frog Pajamas
Blues for the RedBoy
Derek’s Daily 45
Doug’s Stuff Room
The Devil’s Music
70s Classic Rock

If you’d like to get in on this, there’s still time. Leave a comment with your e-mail, or find my e-mail address here. Keep an eye on this post for updates.

5 thoughts on “We Got Yer Vinyl Right Here

  1. Howdy.

    It looks like I’ll be attempting to d a mr and mrs post with my wife for the festivities this year. I’ll have to clear a path to her record collection :)

    I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

    Peace and blessings.

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