I Couldn’t Think of a Title for This Post . . .

. . . which is because I couldn’t think of much to write about, either. I did write some stuff earlier in the week that finally got posted at WNEW.com, however: a brief review of Steve Winwood’s new Nine Lives album and a quick bit on a significant date in Rolling Stones history.

Also at WNEW, one of my colleagues got into a secret show Neil Diamond played in New York City last night, and snagged video of “Cherry Cherry.” Diamond is out with a new album, Home Before Dark, his second collaboration with producer Rick Rubin, who steered Johnny Cash through his final albums.

I didn’t write any of the following, but you should read them anyhow: At Popdose, the latest installment of an ongoing series about the lower reaches of the Hot 100 in the 80s features two medleys that charted as part of the 1981-1982 medley craze, “Love Songs Are Back Again” by Band of Gold and “Hooked on Big Bands” by the Frank Barber Orchestra. Listen if you dare. Also at Popdose, you can check out some tracks from the new album by Eli “Paperboy” Reed and the True Loves, Roll With You, and dig the authentic 1970s edition of Josie and the Pussycats.

I promise to do better tomorrow, honestly.

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