Livin’ on the Air

I’ll be doing radio at the Wisconsin state high school wrestling tournament this weekend, so there probably won’t be anything new here until Monday at the earliest. In the meantime, there’s a new installment of “One Day in Your Life” over at Popdose, where it’s going to appear on the third Wednesday of every month. And here are some other places you might care to explore.

Jaime J. Weinman is a Canadian TV writer who writes about old TV, movies, and animated cartoons on his blog Something Old, Nothing New. Like many of us, he’s a fan of WKRP in Cincinnati, and like many of us, he was dismayed to learn that many episodes on the DVD release have been edited to change or remove music that couldn’t be licensed for the DVD—to the point at which jokes are ruined or episodes fail to make sense. Weinman has been posting original, unedited episodes on his blog (and, so far, getting away with it), so enjoy.

Humor is subjective, no doubt about it. Even the un-funniest novelty or comedy record must have seemed funny to somebody, somewhere, sometime. One of the web’s very best collections of novelty and comedy is over at Dr. Forrest’s Cheese Factory. Not long ago, the Big Cheeze posted Losing Their Heads, a 1972 album of comedy sketches by Hudson and Landry, a couple of Los Angeles DJs who cut a string of albums in the early 70s. They nearly cracked the Top 40 (#43) in 1971 with “Ajax Liquor Store,” which was also nominated for a Grammy.

I’ve got my parents’ copies of Losing Their Heads, Right Off!, and The Weird Kingdom of Hudson and Landry, although I haven’t listened to them in years. Losing Their Heads (a particular favorite of my brothers and me) contained a modest hit single of its own, “Ajax Airlines.” There are funnier tracks on the album, I think—a subjective judgement, of course—but in the interest of Top 40 history, here you go.

“Ajax Airlines”/Hudson and Landry (buy it here)

(Dore 868, chart peak #68, February 19, 1972)

4 thoughts on “Livin’ on the Air

  1. Chuck013

    “Ajax Liquor Store” and “Ajax Airlines” are definately classics but theypale in comparison to “Bruiser Larue”! “If I knew then what I know now! Oh Boy!!”

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