Here Now the News, Our Top Story Tonight . . .

. . . The Eagles’ Long Road Out of Eden is Number One on the Billboard album chart. Billboard had to change its chart rules to permit the album, which is not yet available for general retailers to sell, to be listed on the main chart. (It kept Britney Spears out of the top spot, so good on ya, boys.) For what it’s worth, after listening to the album again, I’d add “Busy Being Fabulous” to my list of recommended tracks.

Prince is apparently freaking out over unauthorized use of his stuff on the Internet—not just tracks, but any images or likenesses of him. Tracks I can understand, but pictures? As Pete at Ickmusic notes, this kind of overreaction is exactly the wrong way to treat hardcore online fans.

Rosanne Cash is having brain surgery. She has a “rare but benign condition,” so it’s not cancer, at least, but any time they go sawing around in your head, it can’t be good. She has cancelled the last four concerts on her current tour, but she’s already planning to go out again in the spring. Three words, Rosanne: Get well soon. And three more after that: Play Madison, please. (H/t Davewillieradio.)

One way Sirius and XM Satellite Radio compete with each other is by offering channels devoted exclusively to one artist. Sirius has an all-Elvis channel, they’ve had an all-Grateful Dead channel, and are currently carrying one that’s all-Springsteen, although I don’t think that one’s permanent. Now, XM is launching an all-Zeppelin channel, effective tomorrow.

We’re starting to see the new Christmas releases for 2007. First up: the Captain and Tennille. Sorry, not going there. Next up: Rick Springfield, whose album Christmas for You is apparently, despite the generic title, a unique take on the music of the season, or so sez

Now the other stuff: My Best of the Blogs colleague Blackdogred directed me to “The Almost-Impossible Rock & Roll Quiz” at I got 42 of 58. Let everybody know how you do in the comments, if you dare. Also, the Vinyl District is revisiting the 1970s this week—no commentary, just album covers and a great selection of each year’s best Top 40 hits. And also Donny Osmond’s “Go Away Little Girl.”

And finally: According to my calculations, the laptop music stash has played 116 songs today while I’ve been hacking away at (mostly) remunerative labor. One of the most interesting was by John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas. After writing some of the most glorious songs of the 60s, “California Dreamin’,” “Twelve-Thirty,” “I Saw Her Again,” “Monday Monday,” “San Francisco,” and lots of others, Phillips released a solo album, John: The Wolf King of L.A., late in 1969. He was already struggling with drug abuse at that time, which would eventually land him in jail in 1981. Phillips wouldn’t release another album until 2001—Pay Pack and Follow, a collaboration with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Mick Taylor, which he’d started in the early 70s, actually came out a few weeks after his death at age 65.

Denny Doherty of the Mamas and Papas is said to have remarked that if they had recorded John: The Wolf King of L.A., it would have been one of their finest records. It’s hard to imagine them singing the album’s lone single, though. “Mississippi” is more honky-tonk hot than California cool.

“Mississippi”/John Phillips (buy it here)

(Dunhill 4236, chart peak: 32, July 18, 1970)

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