That Don’t Bother Me at All (Well, Maybe a Little)

One of the ground rules I’ve set for myself during this One Hit Wonder week is not to post songs that I’ve posted previously, even if they’d be perfect. So that means some superb records aren’t going to be on, such as “I Don’t Want to Be Right” by Luther Ingram, “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest, and “Eighteen With a Bullet” by Pete Wingfield. But I am going to post some things a sharp-eyed reader might have spotted (or heard) elsewhere in the blogosphere, some other time.

Last April, Whiteray at Echoes in the Wind said pretty much all one would need to say about Chi Coltrane, and posted her entire debut album. I’d merely add that when the lead single, “Thunder and Lightning,” came out in the fall of 1972, it leapt off the radio and punched you in the mouth. Why this doesn’t get played on the radio anymore—not on oldies formats, not on classic rock—smarter people than I will have to explain.

Last May, Jeff at AM, Then FM wrote about Mason Proffit, famous for “Two Hangmen,” released in 1969. Can a band be a one-hit wonder if they never made the charts in the first place? Clearly, yeah. “Two Hangmen” is one of a handful of records that causes radio station phones to blow out whenever it plays—people heard it a few times back in the day and then forgot all about it, and when they hear it again, they want to know what it is and where they can get it. Well, this is the place.

“Thunder and Lightning”/Chi Coltrane (buy it here)
“Two Hangmen”/Mason Proffit (buy it here)

(“Thunder and Lightning,” Columbia 45640, 13 weeks on the Hot 100, peak #17, November 18, 1972; “Two Hangmen,” Happy Tiger HT-552, did not chart)

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