Vinyl Record Rundown

(Final update.)

Today (Sunday, August 12) is Vinyl Record Day, the anniversary of the date in 1877 on which Edison invented the phonograph, and focus of an effort to preserve and celebrate vinyl as a music medium. This weekend, a crateful of music bloggers is banding together to celebrate Vinyl Record Day. Visit them all; you won’t be sorry. Some of them have put up multiple posts, because once you start, it feels too good to stop.

We’ll give the last word on Vinyl Record Day (on what is still Sunday afternoon here in the States) to Vincent at Fufu Stew, who put up an additional post memorializing his favorite vinyl shopping haunts from days gone by. To that list I could add places like S&O TV, Gibson’s Discount Store, and Victrola—and you probably have yours as well. (Some of the participating bloggers mentioned their favorite stores in their posts. If you’d like to add yours, put ’em in the comments.)

They said the Internet would make us into all loners—but this event proves that there’s a strong community of vinyl-heads out there, in several countries, on at least two continents. It’s been a blast for me to correspond with all the participants over the last few weeks, and to read what everyone’s contributed. My thanks to everybody who wrote, and to everybody who’s reading. We’ll do this again sometime, guaranteed.

17 thoughts on “Vinyl Record Rundown

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  7. On behalf of Todd and myself, I’d like to say thanks very much for letting us participate. It was really a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed our contributions and I’m sure we both look forward to your future blogswarms.

    Take care and peace to you.

    P.S. Jim, I’m really sorry about getting your name wrong. Talk about a brain fart!

  8. Thanks for having me! It was a lot of fun. I want to add the Ocean, NJ, Vintage Vinyl Store to the R.I.P list. When I was in my late teens and early 20s, i spent many a paycheck on vinyl from this store.

  9. “They said the Internet would make us into all loners—but this event proves that there’s a strong community of vinyl-heads out there, in several countries, on at least two continents …”

    As I read all of the VRD dispatches and then wrote my own, that very thought came to mind, and I can’t help but feel so proud that we all came together for this event. Thank you again, jb, for coordinating this, and I will gladly sign on to any other good ideas you may have in the future!

  10. I’ll echo what Brian said. Thanks for letting us participate in the blogswarm. Had a blast reading all of the Vinyl Record Day posts from the various blogs. Keep us informed if you’d like to do something similar in the future.


  11. Let me add my thanks to the chorus, JB. This was a marvelous idea. And I should add to the list of long-gone stores the Woolworth’s at Crossroads Center here in St. Cloud and Axis, downtown, where I bought my first Allman Brothers album!

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  13. Software such as Serato that still allow you to mix with your turntables are cool, but with all the new technology and software out now days, the art of beatmixing has lost some of its value. Much respect to all the DJ’s still doing it old school.

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